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Reforming Offside Rule: No Time for Celebration


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FIFA intends to put forward several proposals to change some of the usual laws in the most popular game in the world, as an attempt to develop.

After the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, FIFA President Gianni Infantino spoke about the phenomenon of wasting time on matches, which must be reduced, as it represents a disaster for the current football.

And in a meeting with the International Football Association Board (IFAB) — the body responsible for making football laws — next week, there will be talk of reducing wasted time and shortening the duration of goal celebrations so that the goal-scoring team doesn’t, according to Marca. allowed to exceed one minute after a goal.

The newspaper said the match time would change from 90 minutes, and would also confirm that any goal would be forfeited if a player from the bench was inside the stadium to avoid a repeat of what happened last time. World Cup final.

The offside law, which has already been discussed in previous IFAB meetings, will also be revised: a player is not considered to be in an offside position when he receives the ball from an opponent who, by some indications, intentionally played the ball.

And what happened at the World Cup in Qatar, from the Argentine goalkeeper Emiliano Martínez, opened another rules file, so the goalkeeper will not distract the shooting player at a penalty, and the fourth referee will have more opportunities to provide assistance. judge of the arena in difficult decisions.

And if these amendments are approved, they will come into force from the 2023-2024 season, namely from July next year.

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