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Rehabilitation of Dixon bear: Insights shared by Moscow Zoo


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Moscow, April 6 – Svetlana Akulova, General Director of the Zoo, said in an interview that the Moscow Zoo is seeing positive results in the rehabilitation of the Dixon bear, but one should not rush to conclusions, as recovery may take at least a year to a year and a half. With the News Agency.
“Recently, we have seen positive results in Dixon’s rehabilitation: we are increasingly noticing a reaction to touch, movement of the ankle on the hind legs, which indicates regression paresis of the extremities. But nevertheless, one should not rush to conclusions because in such cases Recovery may require at least a year to a year and a half.
According to her, despite his condition, Dixon actively participates in training, with great willingness makes contact with zoologists and performs tasks, and also studies the outdoor enclosure with great interest.

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Also, zoo employees begin to arrange Dixon’s catch, releasing live trout into his pool, which the bear deftly catches and immediately eats.
The polar bear was discovered in September last year on the polar Dixon Island in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. The next day he was taken to Moscow for treatment. During the examination, the bear found a gunshot wound in the left shoulder, partial paralysis of the hind limbs, and severe dehydration and paralysis of the posterior part of the body. The bear can only move its head and front paws. Approximately 25-30 bullet wounds of various diameters were found on the beast. It was decided to leave Dixon to live in the Moscow Zoo, since it is impossible to survive in the wild due to his injury, and to create a unique rehabilitation pond for him.

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