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Relationship between lack of sexual interest and risk of death


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Scientists from Japan’s Yamagata University have announced that a lack of sexual interest (libido) in men is associated with an increased risk of death from any cause.

The journal PLOS indicates that 20,969 people (8,558 men and 12,411 women) aged 40 years and older participated in this study. The researchers assessed the level of sexual desire using questionnaires, and the relationship between it and death – using a proportional hazards model, which predicts the likelihood of an event taking into account the action of some factor, considered as a function of time. Both total deaths and deaths from cancer and cardiovascular disease were taken into account.

During the study period, 503 participants died, 67 of which were associated with cardiovascular disease and 162 with cancer. The results of the analysis showed that overall mortality in general and mortality from cancer in particular among men is high among men who lack sexual desire. A proportional hazards model that adjusted for age, blood pressure, diabetes, smoking, alcohol use, education and other factors found that men who were not interested in sex had a 1.69 times increased risk of death.

Researchers note that sexual interest is essential for maintaining healthy relationships and sexual function, and has recently been recognized as an indicator of health and quality of life. The results of the study show that it also determines life expectancy. However, the nature of this study does not allow precise determination of cause and effect.

Source: Linta. RU

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