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Relentless Attack on Prime Suspect’s Home in Manipur Sexual Assault Case Sends Shockwaves Across India


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Women in Manipur Launch Attack on Suspect’s Home in Response to Gruesome Sexual Assault

In northeastern India’s Manipur state, women have launched a relentless attack on the home of the prime suspect in a shocking sexual assault case that has sent shockwaves across the country.


In May, the accused allegedly dragged two tribal women onto the streets, inciting a terrified mob to commit rape and parade the victims naked. This incident intensified the racial clashes sweeping the state. Although the sexual assault occurred more than two months ago, it recently gained national attention when a short video of the horrific incident went viral on social media earlier this week.

Prime Minister’s Response and Arrests

The shocking footage prompted an immediate response from Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who condemned the crime as “shameful” and vowed to take stern action. Following Modi’s conviction, the prime suspect was swiftly arrested on Thursday. Three others have also been arrested, while police officials are still pursuing at least 30 other individuals involved in the crime.

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Local Women’s Protest

In response to the incident and demands for justice, local women in Manipur resorted to throwing stones and setting fire to parts of the suspect’s house. This reflects the deep concern and intense anger prevailing in the community. Police officials implored the women to express their protests peacefully.

Ethnic Clashes and Human Rights Concerns

This sexual assault case is a disturbing chapter in the ongoing ethnic clashes that began in Manipur. These clashes were triggered by a court order regarding the extension of special benefits enjoyed by the Koki tribe to the majority of the Mitte population. The clashes have resulted in at least 125 deaths and forced over 40,000 people to flee their homes. Rights groups across India are mobilizing to demand justice for the victims and swift investigations into the incident, raising crucial questions about the safety and security of women in the country.

Nationwide Protests and Parliamentary Debate

Protests against the incident are set to take place in various parts of the country, driven by the pursuit of accountability and the call to protect the dignity and well-being of women. As videos of the assault went viral, opposition MPs have filed notices in both houses of Parliament, seeking an inclusive debate on the violence in Manipur. They demand a detailed statement from the Prime Minister regarding this alarming matter that deeply affects the conscience of the nation.

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