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Remote-controlled boats provided to Indian Armed forces by India


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Navy Recognition has announced that India intends to equip its armed forces with remote-controlled high-speed interceptor boats.

A post on the site read: “The Indian Ministry of Defense plans to purchase 20 RMFIC-I fast interceptor boats for delivery to the US Navy. These boats are equipped with technology that allows them to be controlled remotely.”

The publication added: “According to the request of the Indian Navy, the RMFIC-I boats that it will receive will be able to be controlled by one person either directly from the boat or from the shore control post, and each boat will be able to transport 14 soldiers in addition to several other employees, if it’s necessary”.

According to available information, the boats that the Indian Navy will receive will have a length of 13 to 17 meters, and their displacement will be equivalent to 17 tons, and they will be able to move at a speed of 45 knots. , and they will operate as interceptor boats in areas up to 40 nautical miles from the coast, and they will be armed with various types of machine guns.

Source: Weapons of Russia

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