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Renowned artist who donated millions of pounds to a fund owned by the President of Egypt.


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Renowned Egyptian artist Yasser Jalal has announced his £3 million donation to the Egyptian President’s Long Live Egypt Foundation.

And Yasser Jalal said: “This time I am announcing the organization and the amount that I have donated because I hope that we will all participate and do our best and my fellow stars are praying that they will donate everything. what they can, I know that some of them have done this topic before, but if they did it again, it would remain a Great thing.

And Yasser Jalal continued: “Our Lord knows that the reason that prompted me to do this is the crisis that Egypt is going through at the moment. I am a person who does not seek fame or glory. And the whole world is going through a great crisis.” crisis, and God willing, the crisis will pass when we are all together.” He really wanted to end his speech with a prayer for Egypt.

Yasser Jalal’s sudden move made a splash in Egypt, as some wondered why he donated such a huge amount to the fund.

For her part, artist Randa Al-Bukhari praised star Yasser Jalal after she donated £3 million to Long Live Egypt.

And Randa Al-Bukhari wrote through her official Facebook social media account: “All thanks to the respected and respected star Yasser Jalal, who agreed with his country at a time when the whole country needs it to unite.”

Randa Al-Bukhairi added: “God willing, you will become a role model for many artists, and I am the first of them. We will do our duty and put everything we can in the box. I will do it too. Thank you, Yasser Jalal.

The Long Live Egypt Foundation is a fund of a special nature, with legal personality, financial and administrative independence, accountable to the Prime Minister and enjoying, inter alia, the patronage and attention of the President of the Republic.

It was established by Presidential Decree No. 139 of 2014 and Presidential Decree No. 84 of 2015.

The announcement was made as part of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s initiative to support Egypt’s economy, overcome the difficult economic conditions the country is going through and support social justice.

Source: Day Seven

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