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Rephrased: Guidelines for Registering Tourist Cars under the General Category in Syria


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Today, Wednesday, the Syrian Ministry of Transport published a clarification regarding its previous decision on the registration conditions for small (tourist) passenger cars in the general category.

The Syrian Ministry of Road Transport Director Mahmoud Asaad said that the car will undergo a technical inspection before the transfer of registration, and therefore it is necessary to take into account the technical conditions, especially in relation to the engine installed on the car. , and its compliance with the conditions stipulated by Law No. 21 of 2022, in terms of installed power, since it does not exceed or is less than 10 percent of the main engine power, which indicates that in the event that an engine is replaced by an engine that does not meets specifications, you must rebuild the original engine or install a legal engine.

With regard to the color of the car after its conversion to the public, Asaad pointed out the need to change the color if the car was operated in the governorate or out of the governorate to yellow, indicating that if it was operated for the purpose of foreign travel, there was no need to change the color of the car.

The Ministry decided on the twenty-seventh of last month to allow touring car owners to register a touring car in the general category, regardless of the year of manufacture and under specific and mild technical conditions.

Source: Sana

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