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Report Reveals Decline in X Usage on Web and Mobile: A Long-Term Trend


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Report Shows Decline in X Usage on Web and Mobile

According to a report from market intelligence firm Similarweb, usage of X has declined across web and mobile platforms. Despite claims by X CEO Linda Yaccarino that the social network’s usage was at an all-time high, global website traffic for X was down 14% year-over-year in September, with U.S. traffic down by 19%. On mobile devices in the U.S., performance had also decreased by 17.8% compared to the previous year. Other countries also experienced declines in web traffic including the U.K. (-11.6%), France (-13.4%), Germany (-17.9%), and Australia (-17.5%). This downward trend in usage is long-term, as data comparing the first nine months of 2023 with the same period in 2022 showed a decline of 11.6% in web traffic in the U.S. and 7% worldwide.

Mixed Results for X Owner Elon Musk

Traffic to Elon Musk’s profile page on X, however, increased by 96% year-over-year as of last month.

X’s Declines Reflect Broader Trend in Social Networks

The report indicates that X’s declining usage is part of a broader shift, as web traffic to the top 100 social networks and online communities tracked by Similarweb were down by 3.7% in September. The only exception was TikTok, which saw a 22.8% growth globally. Facebook web traffic was also down by 10.4%.

Declining Importance of X in News Ecosystem

Similarweb’s analysis highlights the diminishing significance of X in the news ecosystem. Three years ago, The New York Times received 3-4% of its traffic from X, but now it’s less than 1%. This decline in traffic is partly attributed to X throttling links to the Times and other competitors. NPR also left the platform six months ago with negligible impact on their overall traffic.

X Shows Staying Power Despite Declines

The report acknowledges that while X’s audience has eroded, it still retains a significant user base amidst competition from new social media platforms like Bluesky, Post, Pebble, Spill, Mastodon, and Threads.

Contrasting Claims by X Executives

While Similarweb’s findings suggest usage declines, X executives have touted traffic increases. They claim that X sees 500 million posts per day, generates 100 billion impressions per day, and experiences a 14% increase in time spent on the platform along with a 20% rise in video consumption. However, X did not respond to requests for comment regarding this report.

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