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Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy Calls for Impeachment Inquiry into President Joe Biden Amid Pressure


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Republican House Speaker Calls for Impeachment Inquiry into President Biden

Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has called for a formal impeachment investigation into President Joe Biden, citing allegations that Biden lied to the American people about his son Hunter’s foreign business dealings. McCarthy’s move comes amid pressure from his party, many of whom were angered by the two impeachments of former President Donald Trump.

Accusations Against Biden

Republicans, who currently hold a narrow majority in the House, have accused Biden of profiting from his son’s foreign business ventures while serving as vice president from 2009 to 2017. However, they have not provided evidence to support these claims. A former business partner of Hunter Biden testified during a House hearing, alleging that Hunter Biden sold the illusion of gaining power while his father was vice president.

White House Response and Democratic Perspective

The White House has dismissed the accusations against Biden and stated that there is no basis for an investigation. Democrats argue that talk of impeachment is a tactic to divert attention from the legal issues faced by Trump, who is running for his party’s nomination in the 2024 US elections while facing multiple criminal indictments.

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Impeachment Process and Unlikelihood of Success

The US Constitution grants Congress the power to impeach federal officials, including the president, for various offenses. However, any efforts to impeach Biden are unlikely to succeed. Even if the Republican-controlled House votes to impeach him, the Democratic-controlled Senate is expected to prevent his conviction.

Trump’s Impeachments and Response

Former President Trump is the only US president to have been impeached twice. He was acquitted both times after Senate trials, as his Republican colleagues prevented the two-thirds majority needed for conviction. The first impeachment charged Trump with abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, while the second impeachment accused him of incitement to rebellion following the attack on the US Capitol by his supporters. Trump has consistently described these impeachments as politically motivated witch hunts.

Biden’s Response

In response to the threats of impeachment, President Biden mockingly stated that Republicans may have to find something else to criticize him for, as inflation rates were falling. He jokingly suggested that they might consider impeaching him for the falling inflation, expressing his indifference towards such attempts.

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