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Residents of the Far East lead the rankings in terms of average cash withdrawal cheque


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Moscow, February 7 – According to the results of last year, residents of the Far East overtook other Russian regions in terms of the average cash withdrawal check at an ATM: in the Far Eastern Federal District, they withdrew an average of 36,293 rubles, according to a study by Russia. Standard Bank for the News Agency.
“The Far Eastern region adjacent to China occupied the first place in the rating. A year ago, the North Caucasus Federal District was in the lead. According to statistics, the average check for cashing money in the Far Eastern Federal District in 2022 amounted to 36,293 rubles, while deposits – 10,031 rubles The leadership in the Far East in terms of average check amount between the regions can be explained by the proximity of the borders and the activity of tourism here,” the bank’s analysts discovered.
The Northwest Federal District ranks second in terms of average ATM scans. The high position in the ranking can be explained by the tourism activity of the North-West Federal District, which includes the traditional leaders in this area: St. Petersburg, Karelia, Murmansk and others, experts say. The average amount for receiving money from ATMs here in 2022 was 29,361 rubles, and account replenishment – 12,699 rubles.

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Finally, the third place belongs to the Central Federal District, which has a particularly active financial life. According to the bank, the average check for cash withdrawal from ATMs in the Central Federal District in 2022 is 28,255 rubles, and for replenishment – 12,509 rubles.
As analysts note, Russians have been using ATMs for more than a year to deposit money into accounts rather than receive them, while withdrawing money for significantly higher checks than they deposit.

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