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Restriction on Using River Water After Truck Accident in Khabarovsk Territory


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Khabarovsk, April 10 – Residents were forbidden to use water from the Khor River in the Khabarovsk Territory after an accident with a truck that drove off the bridge, which contained the chemical isocyanate, reports the administration of the Khor urban settlement in the Lazo municipal district.
The accident happened last week on Tuesday. After hitting an SUV, a truck flew off the bridge into the mountain river Khor near the village of Novostroika along the federal highway A-370 Ussuri. Eyewitnesses said that the perpetrators of the accident were drunk and the driver fled. The female passenger of the heavy truck was rescued, and is in the hospital. Foro was taken from the river. The body of the driver is found in the cab. According to the woman who survived, the heavy truck was heading from Artyom to Vladimir with 17 tons of (toxic) isocyanate in drums – only one of the total was found in the back. Regional Rospotrebnadzor took samples of drinking water near the Khor River. The Ministry of Natural Resources in the region informed the agency on Friday that chemical barrels had been found, and the issue of their recovery and disposal had been resolved.
“Based on the minutes of the emergency meeting of the Health and Epidemic Control Authority in the municipal district named after Lazo on April 7, 2023, until all the circumstances of the incident that occurred in the Khor River area are clarified, the number of residents are prohibited from using the waters of the Khor River,” the administration said in a statement.

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Rospotrebnadzor from the region reports that according to the results of water samples taken from the central sources of water supply, the Khor River within the boundaries of the Khor village and private wells, the values ​​\u200b\u200bof water quality indicators are within the average. Long-term values”. The administration of the municipal district named after Lazo and the resource supply organization MUP “Vodokanal in the municipal district named after Lazo” have ordered the implementation of additional sanitary and epidemiological (preventive) measures. The latter agency is obliged to strengthen control over the quality of the water source and water at the outlet The network is from the centralized water supply systems in the villages of Khor and Novostroika The Khor River is not a source of drinking water supply.
According to the district government, chemical drums were found near the truck crash site. The load is supposed to be at a depth of six meters. In the area named after Lazo and the mouth of the Khor River, water samples are constantly taken. Regional authorities determine that there is no threat to the environment and water supply. Earlier, the region’s Ministry of Natural Resources told the News Agency that “the cargo is insoluble in water, when it interacts with water, it forms inert and non-degradable solids, a significant environmental impact is unlikely.”
The Khabarovsk Environmental Prosecutor’s Office is investigating the accident.

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