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Resumption of Oil Exports to Kurdistan Declared by Iraqi PM


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Today, Tuesday, Iraqi Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Suadni announced an agreement to resume Kurdistan’s oil exports, stressing that the technical authorities are immediately directing the implementation of the agreement with Erbil.

Al-Sudani said during a joint press conference with Kurdistan Prime Minister Masrour Barzani: “The agreement confirms the serious and sincere desire of the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government to confront the problems that have been inherited over the years. “

He added: “The oil and gas law that we expect to pass will remove all the imbalances that have accompanied this file since the adoption of the Iraqi constitution.” He pointed out that “the technical authorities must immediately implement the agreement with Erbil and find legal ways to do so.”

He added that “the confrontation with these rights in a professional spirit stems from the common interests of the entire Iraqi people, whether in Kurdistan or in the rest of the provinces”, noting that “this is what was translated into the draft budget law,” expressing the hope that “The House of Representatives will proceed to pass the budget bill in the shortest possible time to become the umbrella for every http details file.

And he continued: “We are waiting for the law, which is the law on oil and gas, which will eliminate all the imbalances that have accompanied this file since the adoption of the Iraqi constitution”, praising “the efforts of the two parties in the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government for professional and responsible negotiations which took place and we hope that they will succeed in immediately launching the implementation of the agreement.”

Al-Sudani indicated that “this agreement will pave the way for the adoption of the budget law and its provisions. issues, including the oil and gas dossier”, noting that “there are cases that have been pending for many years, and now there is political will and interest”. and public interest.

And he pointed out that “any delay in exports clearly affects the overall expected income in the 2023 budget, and therefore the deficit rate will increase, and this case is causing great harm to all Iraqis. As for the direct implementation of this agreement, it will reduce the damage.”

He noted that “this agreement came as a result of discussions that lasted for several days, and in a professional spirit, to find a solution to the problem of everyone concerned, and we must remove all obstacles in order to resume exports, replenish the state budget. revenues and cover needs as defined in the budget law”, emphasizing the need to comply with Everything in this agreement, and this is an interim agreement until the approval of the budget is reached, which becomes legal, covers all obligations, and resolves all problems in this file.

For years, there have been major disagreements between Baghdad and Erbil over Kurdistan’s oil export mechanism and financial revenues.

A few days ago, Iraqi Kurdistan’s oil exports were suspended after the decision of the arbitration court at the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris, which ruled in favor of Baghdad against Ankara, which imports the region’s oil.

Source: RT + Enlightenment

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