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Resumption of Rust filming, starring Baldwin, scheduled for this week.


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Moscow, April 19 – CNN reported that filming of “Rust” with Alec Baldwin, which was interrupted after the cameraman was killed, will resume in the US state of Montana.
According to the channel, the bulk of filming is scheduled to resume on Thursday at Yellowstone Ranch in Montana. Actor Alec Baldwin and director Joel Sousa will return to the set.

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In October 2021, Baldwin, during a rehearsal for the Western group Rust, fired a gun, which turned out not to be loaded with blanks, but with live ammunition. As a result, Galina Hutchins, a native of Ukraine, died, and director Joel Souza was seriously injured. The actor stated that he did not pull the trigger of the gun from which the photographer was killed. The shot, he said, happened spontaneously.
Variety reported in February that Baldwin had pleaded not guilty to manslaughter. Later, the publication reported that a court in the United States allowed Dwayne to continue working on the film. The actor was also allowed to speak to witnesses in his case, including director Joel Sousa, but was forbidden to discuss the shooting.
In addition, the court prohibited Baldwin from drinking alcohol and possessing firearms or other dangerous weapons for the duration of the case.

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