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Revealed: Suspected Drunk Speaking of Finnish Minister


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Helsinki, March 5 – Public broadcaster YLE reported, citing sources, that Finnish Economic Development Minister Mika Lentil was suspected of giving a speech on behalf of the government while under the influence of alcohol.
The work of the current formation of the Cabinet of Ministers of Finland will continue until April 2, when parliamentary elections will be held in the country, and a new government will be formed based on their results. This is the second scandal with Lintil in the last two weeks. It was reported earlier that in one of the messengers on behalf of Lintel, a group of deputies sent a note mocking Prime Minister Sanu Marin.
“Minister Lintella is suspected of being under the influence of alcohol during a business trip in April last year,” the statement said.

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Specifically, it happened on April 29, 2022: The Minister gave a speech on behalf of the government. In an interview with YLE on Sunday, guests who attended the event noted that the minister appeared “a little drunk.”
The scandal with Lintel arose on 3 March after an anonymous tip was published by a newspaper stating that the minister was abusing alcohol.
Lintelia is running for Parliament in the upcoming elections from the Center Party. Center Party chairwoman Anika Sariko said she was unaware that alcohol consumption affected Lintel’s work. One of Finland’s oldest politicians, Speaker of the Parliament, Matti Vanhanen, called the accusations against the minister persecution.

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