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Revival of ancient rituals using an 1800-year-old mask found in Japan.


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Archaeologists in Japan’s Osaka prefecture have found an 1,800-year-old wooden ritual mask.

Heritage Daily notes that this 30 cm high (length) and 18 cm wide cedar mask was found during the expansion of the Higashi-Osaka Monorail.

“I think this mask represents the ‘ruler’s spirit’, which was considered a god in a human body,” says Kaoru Terasawa.

Researchers believe that this mask was used in ritual ceremonies that were held at festivities and agricultural holidays.

This mask was made during the Yayoi period (the period of Japanese history that lasted from 300 BC to 300 AD), during which Japan developed into an agricultural society. Among the hallmarks of this period are the new styles of pottery, the expansion of rice cultivation, and the improvement of architecture. The found mask is the third of its kind and is similar to those found in Nara Prefecture.

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