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Rick and Morty Season 7: Release Date, New Voice Actors, and Exciting Twists


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Who Will Replace Justin Roiland in “Rick and Morty” Season 7?

After a tumultuous break between seasons that saw Justin Roiland ousted amid domestic violence charges, the beloved animated series “Rick and Morty” is finally making its highly anticipated return for Season 7. Adult Swim recently revealed that the dynamic duo will begin their thrilling adventures throughout the multiverse again on October 15. However, one lingering question remains: Who will replace Roiland in the lead roles?

Delving Deeper into the Aftermath

Building upon the intriguing plot points introduced in Season 3, “Rick and Morty,” Season 7 will delve deeper into the aftermath of Rick’s incarceration at the hands of the Galactic Federation. In a shocking twist, Rick confessed that his previously claimed “fake” backstory about inventing the portal gun was, in fact, the truth. He revealed that his wife was killed by Rick Prime, the original version of himself, and he has been consumed by the desire for revenge ever since. The first teaser for the upcoming season further confirms his relentless pursuit to kill Rick Prime and find peace.

New Adventures for the Smith Family

Aside from this overarching storyline, Season 7 promises many adventures for the entire Smith family. A tantalizing synopsis hints at a captivating plot involving Jerry, an evil Summer, and a potential return to high school. Throughout the series, high school has often taken a backseat to Rick and Morty’s thrilling exploits. Still, Season 7 will breathe new life into this familiar setting. The synopsis playfully adds, “Rick and Morty are back and sounding more like themselves than ever,” amusingly acknowledging fans’ curiosity regarding the new voice actors. Unlike “Solar Opposites,” which successfully replaced Justin Roiland with Dan Stevens, the new voice actors for Rick and Morty will strive to capture the essence of the original character voices.

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Guided by Dan Harmon

Although Roiland’s absence is undoubtedly a loss, the talented Dan Harmon will steer the series into the future. Harmon will guide “Rick and Morty” as it continues to fulfill its 70-episode order. The beloved voice actors Chris Parnell, Sarah Chalke, and Spencer Grammer will reprise their roles as Jerry, Beth, Space Beth, and Summer Smith, respectively. Fans eagerly await news on which recurring voice actors and characters will appear in Season 7. Additionally, expect an array of celebrity guest stars to contribute to the ten-episode run.

An Anime Spinoff Series

Furthermore, “Rick and Morty” fans are in for a treat with a full anime spinoff series on the horizon. This vibrant and delightful anime spinoff will be available later this year on Max. The first clip from San Diego Comic-Con showcased the captivating visuals and vibrant colors fans can expect. Produced by Studio Deen, renowned for hits like “Rurouni Kenshin,” “Kono Subarashii,” and “Higurashi: When They Cry,” in collaboration with Telecom Animation Film, this spinoff will embark on the adventures of the Smith family with Morty and his samurai/mad scientist uncle Rick, in a separate timeline from the parent series. Takashi Sano, known for his work on “Tower of God,” will return as the series director.

Prepare for the Premiere

Mark your calendars because “Rick and Morty” Season 7 is set to premiere on October 15 at 11 p.m. ET/PT on Adult Swim. It will also be available on Max in 2024 for those looking to stream the new season. Get ready for another mind-bending and hilarious season filled with the wildly imaginative escapades of Rick and Morty.

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