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Ridley Scott and Joaquin Phoenix Reunite for Napoleon: New Image Released on Historic Birthday


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Ridley Scott and Joaquin Phoenix Reunite for Historical Epic: Napoleon

With the premiere of this year’s Napoleon, acclaimed director Ridley Scott and Academy Award–nominated actor Joaquin Phoenix are reuniting for another historical epic on the big screen. A brand-new image from the movie has been released on Twitter, portraying the French Emperor during the European invasion. The release of this image is timed to coincide with the birthday of the real-life historical person. The artwork depicts Phoenix in his role as the titular conqueror. He is shown riding a horse, brandishing a sword, and getting ready to rush into battle as part of a relentless campaign to conquer all of Europe. Even if the actor who won the Academy Award may be older than the historical Napoleon was at the height of his power, there is no disputing that his authoritative screen presence will undoubtedly capture spectators when the next Scott-directed epic takes over theaters on Thanksgiving.

Image: Napoleon on the Big Screen

A Focus on Napoleon’s Ascent to Power

Additional information about the forthcoming historical epic will be kept secret now. On the other hand, according to the details shown in the official teaser for the upcoming film, Napoleon will focus on the historical figure’s ascent to power alongside his connection with Empress Joséphine. Vanessa Kirby will play this role. Because the movie will be centered on the relationship between the two individuals, it will be interesting to witness how a frequently ignored aspect of Napoleon’s life fully plays out compared to his total military effort.

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Continuing the Legacy of Napoleon on the Silver Screen

The life of Napoleon Bonaparte continues to be an intriguing topic of study in history. As a result, the life of the French Emperor has been the subject of many cinematic adaptations throughout the years. Some notable examples are Abel Gance’s epic five-hour-long silent film from 1927 and Waterloo, released in 1970. There is still more of Napoleon’s story to be told in the near future, as Steven Spielberg plans to finally bring Stanley Kubrick’s long-dormant script to life in the form of an epic seven-part miniseries for HBO. While Napoleon’s life story is finally receiving its long-overdue treatment on the big screen with Scott’s latest film, there is still more of Napoleon’s story to be told soon. In the meantime, when Napoleon marches into theaters this Fall, spectators will soon have the opportunity to experience his ascent to power.

World Premiere on November 22

On November 22, Napoleon will make its world premiere in theaters alone. Below is the official image released for the forthcoming historical epic.

Before Its Release in Theaters Napoleon Releases a New Image Honoring the Historic Birthday of the Emper or_

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