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Riot Games Announces Removal of Mythic Item Mechanics from League of Legends in 2024


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Riot Games to Remove Mythic Item Mechanics from League of Legends

Riot Games to Remove Mythic Item Mechanics from League of Legends

Riot Games, the developer behind the highly popular video game League of Legends, recently announced plans to eliminate the Mythic item mechanic from the game. This decision comes after the developers have struggled to find the right balance for these items since their introduction in Season 11’s extensive revamp.

Reasoning Behind the Change

In a recent video update discussing the League of Legends 2024 pre-season, Pu Liu, the game’s director, explained the rationale behind removing mythical items. Liu mentioned that the developers were unhappy with how the Mythics were implemented and were willing to scrap the system if it didn’t align with their original vision. Unfortunately, the changes did not meet their expectations, leading to the decision to remove mythical items from the game starting in January 2024.

Managing multiple mythic items for champions of the same class posed a significant challenge. While it worked well for about half of the champion roster, the other half either ended up with ill-suited items or lacked creative options. Instead of focusing on mythic items as the primary choice, Riot plans to adjust existing mythic items to provide interesting alternatives for players.

Implementation Details

Riot has clarified that most of these changes will not take effect until January 2024, coinciding with the launch of the ranked season and esports. However, the alterations to the mythic item system will be first implemented on the PBE client in November as part of the pre-season content.

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