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Robert Kiyosaki Predicts Bitcoin at $120,000 Next Year and Urges Investors to Consider Cryptocurrencies as a Haven


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Kiyosaki Believes Cryptocurrencies Are the Future of Money

Renowned author Robert Kiyosaki, known for his book “Rich Father Poor Father,” recently expressed his optimism about cryptocurrencies and their potential as the future of money. He predicts that Bitcoin might reach $120,000 next year and suggests that investors consider digital currencies as a safe haven during potential economic crises.

Kiyosaki’s Gloomy Outlook on Paper Currencies

In anticipation of the upcoming TOKEN2049 cryptocurrency conference on September 18-19, Kiyosaki took to social media to share his strong belief in the potential of cryptocurrencies. He also voiced his opinion that traditional fiat currencies, especially the US dollar, are on the decline.

Kiyosaki’s tweet stated, “In Singapore at the same time a huge cryptocurrency conference is being held. Exciting. Encryption is the future. Fiat…aka fake money.”

He believes that cryptocurrencies, with their resilience and ability to bounce back after recessions, will continue to rise in value. This is particularly evident in Bitcoin, which is expected to reach $120,000 next year due to the halving event.

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Challenging the Middle Class Narrative

Kiyosaki refers to fiat currency as “criminal money” and encourages individuals to invest in assets such as gold, silver, and bitcoin to protect themselves from the devaluation of fiat currency. He predicts that trillions of dollars injected into the economy will lead to rampant inflation, which will adversely affect the middle class.

However, data contradicts Kiyosaki’s claim that green energy policies harm the middle class. For instance, Bank of America estimates that the Biden administration has already created over 86,000 clean energy jobs, including 50,000 jobs related to electric vehicles, through climate provisions. It is projected that an additional 1.5 million job opportunities will be created in the next decade.

Despite this, Kiyosaki remains critical of the US government and the Federal Reserve for their continuous money printing. He foresees a major crisis in the US economy and advises investors to consider Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as safe havens during these turbulent times.

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