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Roblox CEO Mandates In-Office Work: Employees Must Make a Choice


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Roblox CEO Requires Employees to Come into the Office

Roblox, one of the biggest gaming platforms, recently launched on PlayStation. However, CEO David Baszucki has now stated that employees must start coming into the office three times a week.

If employees prefer to work fully remote, they will have to find another company. Baszucki delivers an ultimatum: relocate and come into the office three times a week or accept a severance package.

Baszucki acknowledges that some remote employees will not be asked to continue with the company, and he understands that some employees asked to return to the office will choose not to do so.

“This is a difficult decision as where we live is a personal choice that affects all aspects of our lives. We have made this process as fair as possible. Unfortunately, some employees will decide not to join us at headquarters,” says Baszucki.

Mentorship and In-Person Collaboration

Baszucki believes this is the right decision for Roblox, as it ensures employees, especially new and younger staff, don’t miss out on the mentorship that comes from working in-person with more senior staff members.

Although Baszucki originally hoped for a hybrid remote work culture, he realized it wouldn’t work after experiencing in-person conversations that generated new ideas and actions, something that video meetings lacked.

He also notes that virtual work spaces are not yet as engaging as in-person gatherings due to “Zoom fatigue.”

Employee Decision and Support

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Employees have until January 16, 2024, to decide if they will move to the San Mateo office. If they choose to stay, they must have relocated and started working in the office by July 15, 2024.

Roblox will assist employees by covering relocation costs, considering the significant impact this sudden change may have on their lives.

If employees decide not to relocate, they have until April 15, 2024, to transition out of their roles at Roblox and find new opportunities elsewhere.

“While we understand this may create challenges for some employees, we appreciate the hard work and impact each of you has had at Roblox,” Baszucki states in the blog post titled “The Future of How We Work Together at Roblox.”

Layoff-Like Situation

Although Baszucki does not use the term “layoff,” the situation is similar. Some employees are not being asked to return, while others may be forced to leave if they are unable to comply with the new office requirement.

This new mandate contradicts Roblox’s previous statement in May, where they allowed employees to choose between working in the office or predominantly remote, attending quarterly get-togethers.


Roblox’s decision to require employees to come into the office has raised concerns among the gaming industry, which has faced numerous layoffs. Unlike other companies, Roblox claims it cannot adapt to a hybrid remote culture.

However, companies like Insomniac have successfully implemented a fully hybrid remote work culture while delivering high-quality games, such as Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, which releases globally this week.

Source: Roblox via CNBC

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