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Rogozin denied the version of the strike in Donetsk by telephone


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Moscow, January 23 – Dmitry Rogozin, head of the group and former head of Roskosmos, said in an interview with the News Agency that the version about Ukrainian artillery directing a group of Moscow telephones during the bombing of the Tsarskie Wolves expert group in Donetsk is incorrect.
The hotel in Donetsk, where the group of military technical advisers “Tsar Wolves” lives and Rogozin, who heads it, came under fire from Ukrainian forces on December 21, and the strikes were carried out with precision-guided munitions. Rogozin received a shell fragment and a concussion.
“The kind of operation that was carried out against our group, it was, of course, well planned. I read something there as often as possible, reviews of home couch bloggers. I want to say that the version about phones and so on is dog shit, because we are experienced people, and we don’t use Never any numbers in Moscow, we only have local connections.

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Last year it became known that Rogozin heads a group of military advisers “The Tsar’s Wolves” in the Special Operations Zone, providing military-technical assistance to units of the LPR and DPR. Consultants work closely with developers of various military equipment and complexes, and the main task is the immediate introduction of new models as part of a special operation.
In 2022, Rogozin spent about three months in the DRC with a group of counselors, was shot on December 21, sustained injuries and shell shock, and is now in the process of completing his rehabilitation in Moscow.

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