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Rogozin told about the upgraded SVD rifle


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Moscow, January 24 – The Tsarskie Wolves group of military and technical advisors, together with the first designer of the ORSIS rifles, is modernizing the famous SVD army sniper rifle, in particular, by replacing the barrel and attachments in it. Dmitry Rogozin, former general director of Roskosmos, head of the Tsarsky Wolves, he said in an interview. RIA News.
“Alexei Sorokin, for example, yes, this is the senior designer of Promtekhnologiya, you know Orsis sniper rifles. At the moment we are improving the level of the legendary rifle known as the SVD. The barrel is changing on it, changing, so to speak, all the accessories , and we get a much more stable shot than this rifle in general that our soldiers are used to.”

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In fact, he added, it turned out to be a deep modernization of existing weapons through new technologies, alloys, and the use of new optics and other accessories.
Rogozin leads a group of military advisers “Tsar Wolves” in the special operations area, provides military-technical assistance to the LPR and DPR units. Consultants work closely with developers of various military equipment and complexes, and the main task is the immediate introduction of new models as part of a special operation.
Last year, Rogozin spent about three months in the Democratic Republic of the Congo with a group of counselors, was shot on December 21, sustained injuries and shell shock, and is now completing his rehabilitation in Moscow.

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