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Roskachestvo found traces of pesticides in tangerines


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Moscow, December 29 – Traces of pesticides were found in tangerines sold in Russian retail chains, while the nitrate content in them did not exceed the permissible concentration, Roskachestvo told the News Agency.
“Roskachestvo conducted laboratory tests on tangerines from five brands for the content of 396 of the most common pesticides regulated by law. Trace amounts of pesticides were found in the pulp of all five citruses,” they said.
It should be noted that chemicals were found in Clemenules citrus fruits purchased from the Metro chain, Perekrestok, Auchan, Family Purchase from Lenta, and Global Village from the Pyaterochka chain.

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“At the same time, the content of nitrates in the studied tangerines does not exceed the permissible concentration. The least of them are found in Clemenolis tangerines (36 μg / kg), and most of all – in the Global Village (48 μg / kg)”, – added Roskachestvo.
At the same time, it was determined that all the tangerines studied by Roskachestvo are safe. However, it is recommended to wash the fruits well before eating them, and also to be careful when making tinctures on the peels of tangerines or putting the zest in tea, because the concentration of pesticides in the peel is higher.
“All vegetables and fruits offered for sale are accepted into warehouses, have all the necessary accompanying documents, and selective laboratory tests of products are regularly carried out,” Marina Yakusheva, Quality Director of Auchan Russia, told the News Agency. Clarify that the company has not yet received the results of the study from Roskachestvo.
the News Agency sent a request to other retailers.

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