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Roskachestvo has explained the dangers of using public Wi-Fi


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Moscow, February 5 – Roskachestvo told the News Agency that IP surveillance cameras, which specialize in transmitting material over the network, can be hacked if the user views the image via public Wi-Fi, and also uses a very simple password.
At the same time, simple passwords are the most common reason for hacking such cameras. Roskachestvo assured that some do not even change the basic code set by the manufacturer. And in order for the attacker to see the photo, it is enough to enter it, as well as the IP address and login. In this regard, it is recommended to set complex passwords and update them regularly.

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In general, for any “smart” technology, it is necessary to track and install updates in a timely manner; Without it, devices become vulnerable. And since modern gadgets have microphones, cameras, and access to the Internet, they can not only receive and transmit data, but also store it, which increases the risk of potential leakage.
“The advice not to buy such devices is impossible. A more practical recommendation would be to turn off the automatic content recognition function, such an option is available, for example, for Smart TV. In addition, if you own a soundbar, do not place it near sources Sound and information so that “I did not listen to” excessive “, concluded Roskachestvo.

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