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RT Reveals Products Of New ‘Egyptian Army’ Food Security Unit After Sisi Reveals It


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RT received photos of some of the products produced at the Silo Foods plant, the second phase of which Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi opened today, Thursday.

The products in the second phase included the establishment of the “halava and tahini” plant, which is a Swiss production line from the international company BUHLER. The plant includes 5 production lines, a special tahini production line, 3 halva production lines, a halva bar production line, a halva production line, Halava spread production line, as well as 3 special peanut and sesame roasting lines.

The plant includes 9 production lines, including 3 lines for the production of cheese (feta), and contains 3 lines for filling bags for white cheeses, producing packages of 250 g and 500 g. The plant also includes 6 production lines for the production sterilized milk (plain, semi-fat and skimmed) and sweetened with flavors (chocolate, strawberry, banana), and contains 3 milk filling lines that produce 125 ml, 200 ml and 1 liter packages, in addition to the ghee filling stage.

The factory is said to be part of a new “Egyptian army” that has entered the market to achieve food security with an investment in excess of £20bn.

Source: RT

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