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Ruin or Victory Patch Notes Update Today on January 24, 2023


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A new update has been released for Ruin or Victory. You can find all the Game Update details below. Ruin or Victory is available for all platforms. The file size may vary depending on the platform.

New Features and Improvements

  • Add Quick Battle mode; choose your warriors and siege machines to fight on the field or in a siege
  • Add technologies ‘Concealment’ and ‘War Hammer’
  • Constructed buildings have a pebble street texture around them when placed on grass, dirt, or snow
  • Improved AI scouting and attack coordination
  • Domestic animals, except dogs, run away from combat
  • Dogs patrol and follow humans randomly when idle

Corrections and Fixes

  • The ‘Nomad’ AI’s base was not spawned correctly
  • The AI could overlap their buildings in rare cases
  • The building placement preview did not always turn red when hovered over swamp, ice, and water
  • The ‘Nomad’ player start was missing an axe
  • Fixed an exploit in which humans could use a crossbow while mounted
  • Humans sometimes used the wrong attack or gather animations after mounting or dismounting a horse
  • A scorpion could be pushed faster than its operators could walk
  • Farms could be placed over small buildings
  • Mines did not have the correct quantity of ore after loading the game
  • The option ‘Hide Siege Operator Icons’ did not apply to enemy siege weapons
  • Enemy siege weapon world icons could be hidden when near other enemies
  • Catapults retained their velocity after firing
  • Catapults and trebuchets face their target while reloading
  • When ordered mounted humans to dismount, the selected info did not update
  • Reduced cases of units being stuck


  • Workshops placed on grass, dirt, and snow pickup stone automatically from the ground
  • A human on a wall cannot be hit in the legs
  • The spotting range reduction for humans and dogs in grass and trees applies to wild animals reacting to them
  • Catapults and trebuchets firing at fortifications have a chance to hit adjacent fortifications
  • Increased the accuracy of catapults and trebuchets against buildings
  • Humans standing on a wall that is destroyed by a siege weapon take half their maximum health as damage


  • Domestic animals leaving a pasture go to the nearest peasant rally point
  • Constructs ordered to move to another construct or horse follow it
  • Dogs in defensive stance do not counterattack when hit by enemies far away
  • Humans with warrior skill holding a melee weapon but not assigned an equipment set are categorized as melee warriors

Source: Steam

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