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Rumbleverse Patch Notes 1.09 Update Today on January 18, 2023


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A new update has been released for Rumbleverse Update 1.09. You can find out all the details of the Game Update, Bug Fixes, improvements, and Patch Notes below. Rumbleverse Update 1.09 is now available for download, for all platforms, including PS4, PS5, Xbox Series S/X, and PC. The file size may vary depending on the platform.

New Stuff

NEW Special Moves

  • Added Roar Family of Special Moves
    • Comes in CommonRare, and Epic varieties
    • Yell really loud to buff your teammates and buff yourself.
    • If enemies are in the way, they’ll be pushed back.
    • Become a support character! Break up crowds! Yell! Truly inspirational stuff here.
  • Added after 2.3: Power Mist
    • This is the Epic variety of the Mist Family.
    • This is a Power Move that stuns for a combo.

NEW Weapons

  • Added Broom family of weapons
    • Comes in CommonRare, and Epic varieties
    • Every young Rumbler dreams of doing rad martial arts moves with a huge push-broom instead of sweeping the garage. Now you can too!
    • It hits many times and pairs well with Sadistic Perk.
    • Hold Vicious to sweep up the competition! It works as a Ground Attack too!
    • The Vicious attack does not break this weapon.

NEW Feature

  • Added Locked Crate
    • These are very heavy and hard to move.
    • You can only open it if you have an undamaged Keybat.
    • The Keybat’s magic might help you find a Locked Crate!
    • Inside you’ll find two of the following:
      • Gold Sauce Chicken
        • Heals for 500hp per use, for 4 uses.
      • Gold Stamina Drink
        • Gives you 180 seconds of Energized.
      • Gold Sprinkles Cookie
        • Fully refills your Superstar Meter.

NEW Perks

  • Rude – (Added after 2.3) Emote near an enemy to gain a damage boost.
  • Guts – When you are low on Health, you’ll deal additional damage.

Misc Improvements

  • You can now see your stats after a Restricted match.

Balance Changes

  • The Wall Splat unification changes in 2.0 have made it much easier to understand the combo limits presented in the game. However, we feel that this change has made long combos much too common and easy to extend.  As a result, the following changes have been made.
    • Lowered Wall Splat limit to 2 (was 3). Now, a 2nd wall splat will end any combo.
    • Changed damage scaling multiplier after a wall splat to .9 (was .75) so that your follow-up will be more rewarding.
    • Removed combo limit from Punchline Family, as it was only added to avoid a 3rd Wall Splat with it, which is no longer possible.
  • The Sumoslap Family has received some nerfs to lower its overall utility, but some buffs in the face of these nerfs to ensure it still has a valuable place in the game.
    • Air Sumoslap will now use the Ground Bailouts instead of the Air Bailouts when attempting to Bailout from the air.
    • The landing recovery time of the Air Sumoslap now allows a Bailout, even on miss, following the usual Bailout rules.
    • Sumoslap can no longer cause a wall splat and will instead knock the victim down in front of you.
    • Damage from the final hit of Sumoslap has increased to 80/80/100 (was 40/40/60).
  • We lowered Spinkick Stamina Damage on Hit to 18 (was 30). With the ability to use this to start or extend a combo, it resulted in Stamina Breaks that came too often and too easily.
  • While we like the Dive Family’s ability to Ground Attack, which can turn a knockdown into a bigger damage opportunity, we have observed that there are too many common situations after high damage Vicious Attacks that allow a guaranteed Dive follow-up without needing to Bailout. This has led to lower Stamina use than expected for long combo loops. To combat this, the following changes have been made.
    • Adjusted the recovery time for the attacker and victim after Crusher Family, Izunadrop Family, Chokeslam Family, and Tackle Family, to remove the possibility of a guaranteed Dive Family or Elbow follow-up without using a Bailout.
    • Dive Family changed combo scaling value from .75 to .6.  The rewards for these combos were still a bit too high, which could make the Dive Family hard to pass up in most builds.
  • Football and Potted Plants now do Stamina damage on hit and block. It was weird that they didn’t.
  • Added Combo Limit to Low Blow. This is to avoid a team mode infinite combo.
  • Added a Combo Limit to Liberate to prevent an item stealing infinite.
  • We modified the controls for Getup Actions so that pressing Dash will no longer trigger a Dodge, and we ensured that you can still dodge with the dodge input where expected by adding an input slop window no matter which trigger you hit first.
  • Fixed an issue where Woo perk would allow you to cancel Charged Chop directly into special moves. We also found an issue where it would allow the Woo version of Charged Chop into a jump, but we liked this functionality, so we’ve extended it to the normal version of Charged Chop.
  • The Starfish weapons had a variety of issues we wanted to address, so the following changes have been made.
    • Starfish damage changed from 100/100/100 to 80/100/100.
    • Fixed an issue where Tier 2 was using Tier 1’s hitdata.
    • Fixed an issue where the Tier 3 Vicious Attack could poison teammates.
    • Fixed an issue where Starfish would do double damage consistently if the Vicious Attack hit on the way down.
  • Changed Air Dodge Cancel costs for the Rocket family, Dive family, and Edge Family.
    • Rocket gets a Bailout on Hit even if it misses for the reduced cost Air Dodge cancel.
    • Air versions of Dive gets normal Air Bailout rules and costs immediately after it can hit, but a little bit after that it gains the ability to use Bailout on Hit at the reduced cost anytime while falling.
    • Edge Family was using the Bailout on Miss cost, and that has been corrected.
  • The team wanted to make the Rocket Family more appealing, so we made the following changes:
    • Made the Rocket Family send you even higher into the air than before.
    • Changed the knockback on Rocket family to launch enemies into the air for a followup attack. This works great with Vicious Attacks that deal lots of extra damage from high elevations.
    • Rocket Family now lets you un-pocket a weapon sooner after it is done launching you, to give players more flexibility in what kinds of actions they want to perform after using it.
  • Weapon Block VFX has changed to indicate that it is an improved version of Blocking. While Blocking with a weapon, you will not take Stamina Damage from incoming attacks, and you will not be Stamina Broken.
  • The Construction Barrel and Oil Drum item cards previous stated ‘Vicious Stuns’, which is not true. Also, these did unusually high Stamina Damage only when thrown.  To make this more deliberate, we removed the ‘Vicious Stuns’ text and replaced it with the ‘High Stamina Damage’ text, and made the following changes:
    • Stamina Damage on Smash (2nd hit of basic combo) increased to 60 on hit (was 8), and 30 on block (was 5).
    • Stamina Damage on Vicious Bash increased to 30 (was 20)
  • We made some adjustments to how retargeting during a chain combo series works, so that you can still turn to target another nearby player if you aim in that direction, but you will not lose your current target if no new target is available. This should prevent you from accidentally losing your target in nearly all cases.
  • The team has found that after Meditative’s nerfs, players are getting very little value out of it. We tried doubling the healing speed of Meditative to see if that would help in our internal playtests and found a sharp rise in the desirability of the perk. Let us know how this feels and we will continue to monitor the state of this perk and make additional changes if needed.
  • The team has made a few major changes to the way the final ring works to improve the pacing of the endgame. We can tune a few of these parameters via Hotfix, so let us know after a few weeks of play how things are feeling and we may be able to make some improvements.
    • Superstar Meter gain from taking damage will decrease the longer the match goes on, eventually reaching zero. You will still be able to gain meter normally from attacking, emoting, or other means.  This should drastically reduce the number of occurrences of a high health player getting wailed on and constantly being able to use Comeback.
    • The final ring will now always be shrinking, even if people are fighting, but at a very slow rate. If players do not hit each other for 7 seconds, the shrink rate will accelerate the same way it did before.
    • The smallest possible size for a final ring is now 1200 units (was 500 units).
    • After reaching its smallest possible size, the final ring will now move in a straight line in a random direction at a steady pace until it either a winner is crowned, or everyone gets pushed into the ocean.  Good luck.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue that could cause the AOE impacts from Elbow Drops and other falling attacks to deal damage even when Blocked.
  • Added a possible fix for the Popcorn Party’s healing buff getting stuck on a player forever. Let us know if you are still seeing this.
  • Improved an issue that could cause items to slide down slopes on the server, but not on the client, leading to players being unable to pick them up for a time.  You may still see this but should see it less.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the invulnerability to end prematurely when getting up from a Ground Attack Elbow Drop or similar attack, which could leave you vulnerable but unable to Block or Dodge. This prevents an inescapable looping reset combo.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Unblockable VFX to play on the Air Vicious Crate Attack, which is a projectile and is not, in fact, Unblockable.
  • Fixed an issue causing Ballistic, Rekt ShotCosmo Shot, and Windfist to only be capable of using the Bailout on Miss, even on hit.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Bombastic from using a Bailout up until the final frame of the move. All other Bailout-eligible moves could already do this.
  • Improved an issue that could cause Tackle family to look like it teleported when using it while you are about to land. We have additional fixes for this issue coming in a future update, but you should see it vastly less now.
  • Fixed an issue causing Weapon Vicious Attacks to be blockable if only the AOE portion hits. This affected most weapons in the game, including Keybat, Bats, Golf Clubs, Barrels, Chairs, Lawn Chairs, Residential Mailboxes, Street Signs, Trash Cans, and Chancalas.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the Air Vicious Golf Club attack from hitting opponents in most situations, leading instead to a fall damage splat for the user.
  • Fixed an issue preventing you from super cancelling a missed Rush family.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause your Camera to attach to another player briefly when getting interrupted out of a Swing family attack.
  • Fixed an issue that caused multiple magazine opening sounds to play when opening a magazine
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to progress challenges on the Barge
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to gain perk meter when attacking a teammate using Vicious Attack with a Poison Starfish
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Keybat from not breaking when blocked mid-air when using Vicious Attack
  • Fixed Rush family of moves not damaging Common and Epic buckets
  • Fixed Popcorn Party VFX not appearing all the time


  • Fixed multiple crashes across all platforms
  • Fixed an issue that caused a network failure when interacting with various objects

Leagues and Fan Mail

  • Fixed an issue that caused players to either not receive Fan Mail or receive duplicate rewards in Fan Mail
  • Fixed an issue that caused users to not receive all Title Card rewards
  • Fixed various Fan Mail text issues


  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from matchmaking into Playground mode with a party of four


  • Fixed an issue that rarely prevented players from unable to purchase when they had enough Brawlla Bills


  • Fixed a player’s name overlapping tutorial monitors on Playground mode causing the prompt to disappear
  • Fixed various localization issues
  • Fixed the Quit button not functioning during the “Connecting” screen


  • Fixed various collision and climbing issues across Grapital City and Low Key Key
  • Fixed various missing ledge up volumes across Grapital City and Low Key Key


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