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Russia accuses the West of destabilizing the G20 talks


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The Russian Foreign Ministry criticized the West for “destabilizing” the meeting of G20 finance ministers in India by trying to force a joint statement on Ukraine.

“We regret the continued destabilization of the G20 activities by the Western group and their use in an anti-Russian way,” the foreign ministry said on Saturday.

Moscow accused the United States, the European Union and the G7 countries of “obstructing collective decision-making” by trying to impose their “dictates” with what they described as “clear blackmail”.

The ministry’s statement said their aim was to impose their interpretation of the conflict in Ukraine into the joint statement by means of pressure and “ultimatums”.

The ministry called on the West to “abandon its destructive policy as soon as possible, and to recognize the objective realities of a multipolar world.”

“The G20 should remain an economic forum rather than attempting to encroach on the security field,” she said.

G20 finance ministers on Saturday failed to agree on a joint statement on the global economy at talks in India, after China sought to tone down references to the conflict in Ukraine.

Instead, India, the current G20 chair, issued a “chairman’s summary” which said that “most members strongly condemned” the conflict and that there were “different assessments of the situation and sanctions” at the two-day meeting in Bengaluru.

A footnote said two paragraphs in the summary about the conflict, which it said were quoted from the G20 leaders’ declaration in Bali in November, “were agreed upon by all member states except Russia and China.”

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