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Russia Boxers’ Participation in World Championship Highlighted by Coach


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Moscow, March 27 – The head coach of the Russian women’s boxing team, Albert Mutalibov, said that at the recent World Championships in New Delhi, the national team did not experience a negative attitude from other tournament participants.
The Russian team won one medal in each value at the World Championships in New Delhi. Anastasia Demurchyan won gold (up to 70 kg), Natalia Sychugova (up to 63 kg) – silver, Diana Pyatak (over 81 kg) – bronze.
On Saturday, at the award ceremony, instead of the Russian anthem, Demurchyan played a part from Tchaikovsky’s concerto, which was used as a musical accompaniment for protocol events with the participation of the Russian team at the Olympic Games in Tokyo and Beijing. The organizing committee said it was a mistake. At repeated award ceremonies, the Russian anthem to Demurchyan was played.

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In October last year, the International Boxing Association (IBA) announced the admission of athletes from Russia and Belarus to the competition. They can compete in international tournaments under the flags of their countries.

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