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Russia has no intention of annexing other nations, says Patriarch Kirill


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Moscow, April 9 – Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and the first Russians said that Russia does not seek to seize other countries or to become richer in the current struggle with “the rulers of the world in the darkness of this age,” but only defends its independence.
“Our current battle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against the spirits of evil in heights (see Eph. 6:12). I say this boldly, with full confidence that Russia is on the side of the world. And this can be easily proved, because Russia does not seek Until it becomes richer, does not seek to capture other countries, does not seek to subjugate anyone. Russia simply seeks to preserve its own identity, belief and value system, ”he told the participants of the meal after the liturgy. In the Cathedral of Christ the Savior on the Feast of the Entry of the Lord into Jerusalem.
On Sunday, April 9, the Russian Orthodox Church celebrates Palm Sunday, or the Entry of the Lord into Jerusalem. This is one of the twelve main holidays associated with the life of Christ and the Mother of God – the “twelfth” holiday.

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Shortly before the crucifixion, Jesus Christ arrived in Jerusalem, the people met him as a king and savior who, as they expected, would bring independence to the country. The path along which Jesus Christ passed was covered with palm branches and clothes. As a reminder of these events, believers bring willow branches to the temple, because palm trees are not uncommon in our latitudes, hence the second name of the holiday – Palm Sunday. A few days after these events in Jerusalem, a demoralized crowd will condemn Jesus Christ to death.
On the same day in 2023, Christians using the Gregorian calendar will celebrate Easter.

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