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Russia Launches Drone Attack on Ukraine’s Danube River Port, Injuring Civilians: Kyiv Reports


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Russia Launches Drone Attack on Southern Odesa Region

Russia conducted a 3 1/2-hour drone attack on the southern parts of the Odesa region, causing damage to a port infrastructure on the Danube River and injuring at least two people, according to Kyiv.

Ukraine’s Air Defense Systems Intercept Majority of Drones

Ukraine’s air defense systems successfully shot down 22 out of the 25 Iranian-made Shahed drones launched by Russia during the early hours of Sunday in Odesa, as confirmed by Ukraine’s Air Force through the Telegram messaging app.

Civil Infrastructure and Civilians Affected

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The South Military Command of Ukraine reported on social media that the attack targeted the “civil infrastructure of the Danube,” resulting in injuries to at least two civilians.

Significance of the Danube for Ukraine’s Grain Export

Since the collapse of a U.N.-brokered deal in July, the Danube has become Ukraine’s primary route for exporting grain via the Black Sea. This attack on the port facilities may have implications for Ukraine’s grain trade, although the specific port targeted has not been disclosed. Fortunately, the military swiftly extinguished the fire caused by the attack.

Reports Suggest Reni Port as the Target, Russia Silent

Some Ukrainian media outlets have reported explosions at the Reni port, one of the two major ports Ukraine operates on the Danube. Russia has not yet provided any immediate comment on the incident. It should be noted that these reports have not been independently verified by Reuters or other sources.

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