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Russia Summons Armenian Ambassador over Alleged ‘Unfriendly Steps’ Amid Joint Military Exercises with US


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Moscow Protests Armenia’s Actions Amid Escalating Tensions

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Moscow has expressed its strong displeasure by summoning the Armenian ambassador due to what it perceives as “unfriendly steps” taken by Yerevan. This comes as Armenia announces plans for joint military exercises with the United States, further straining the already tense situation surrounding the Karabakh issue.

Armenia’s Criticism of Russia

Despite being a long-standing ally of Russia, Yerevan has been increasingly critical of Moscow’s peacekeeping mission in the region.

Unfriendly Steps

The Russian Foreign Ministry released a statement highlighting several actions by the Armenian leadership that it considers unfriendly. These include the hosting of US military exercises on Armenian territory, a visit to Kiev by the wife of the Armenian prime minister, and Armenia’s decision to join the International Criminal Court.

Russia’s Response

The Russian Foreign Ministry confirmed that the Armenian envoy received a strong message during the summons. However, it emphasized that Russia and Armenia will remain allies, and all agreements related to strengthening their partnership will be honored.

Russia’s Role in Karabakh

Russia deployed peacekeeping forces in Karabakh as part of a deal brokered by Moscow to end the 2020 war between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Questioning Moscow’s Role

Following Russia’s large-scale attack in Ukraine, many of its traditional allies in the former Soviet region have started to question Moscow’s role and actions.

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