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Russia Taking Action to Defend Against US Military Aggression


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Moscow, March 2 – Russia is developing a new type of military operation using nuclear weapons to protect against possible US aggression, according to the Russian magazine for military leaders, “Military Thought”, which is published by the Ministry of Defense.
As mentioned in the article, the United States is gradually losing its leading position in the world. As a result, the aggressiveness of their military-political course towards Russia is growing, as it is called the main culprit of the loss of American world domination. At the same time, the authors note, the United States appears to be planning to defeat Russia in the form of a “multi-domain (global) strategic operation.”
The publication states that as part of this operation, the Pentagon provides for the defeat of at least 65-70% of Russia’s strategic nuclear forces with the help of a conventional immediate global strike, neutralization of the remaining and launched Russian nuclear weapons carriers using a global missile defense system and then direct the limit Minimum enough nuclear strike on Russia in order to destroy it.
And, as military scientists note, in order to achieve the most decisive strategic goals in defeating the American aggressor, this type of operation “implies the use of modern strategic offensive and defensive, nuclear and non-nuclear weapons, taking into account the latest military technologies.”

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Among the goals of the Russian operation of the forces of strategic deterrence, “Military Thought” advocates, in particular, a reversal of the usual immediate global strike by the United States and NATO in order to prevent significant losses of the Russian strategic offensive forces. In addition, during such an operation, the US global missile defense system must be suppressed in order to exclude the possibility of destroying Russian strategic missiles in the air. The final stage of the process involves inflicting unacceptable damage on the aggressor with the help of the remaining nuclear potential.
The article stresses that preventing the initiation of aggression by the United States is possible by convincingly demonstrating to the enemy that Russia is able to ensure the fulfillment of the deterrence criterion at least in one of the phases of the airspace period of NATO’s strategic multi-domain operation.
That is, Russia needs a toolkit that would convincingly prove to the US military-political leadership that it is impossible for the Strategic Missile Forces to inflict extremely serious damage during a global strike, and the US missile defense system is not able to completely eliminate any retaliation. The nuclear strike against the United States, and that the United States will inevitably receive unacceptable damage.

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