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Russian and Belarusian pilots practice air defense suppression


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Minsk, January 20 – The Russian Ministry of Defense said, on Friday, that the Belarusian and Russian aviation units are practicing, during the exercises in Belarus, the suppression of the air defense of an imaginary enemy and the defeat of command centers.
Tactical flight exercises of the Armed Forces of Belarus and Russia, which are part of the aviation component of the territorial grouping of the forces of the Union State, were held in Belarus from January 16 to February 1. The main goal is to increase interoperability in the joint performance of combat training missions.

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“Aviation crews carry out combat use at the Ruzhany training ground (Brest region), during which aviation suppresses air defense, defeats command posts, accumulates equipment and manpower of an imaginary enemy, while providing fighter air cover for assault groups and aviation bombers,” the message read. Telegram channel of the Ministry.
It is noteworthy that from the Machulichi airfield near Minsk, the AWACS A-50 aircraft perform the tasks of conducting aerial reconnaissance and control of multi-role fighter crews.
According to the Ministry, on Friday, as part of a joint tactical aviation exercise of the Armed Forces of Belarus and the Russian Federation, aviation units continue to perform tasks for their intended purpose from all airfields of the Air Force and Air Defense Forces of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation. Armed Forces of Belarus.

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