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Russian Boast: T-80 Tank Claims Impenetrability Against Suicide Drones


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Servicemen of the tank battalion of the 1st Donetsk Corps of the Russian Armed Forces got acquainted with the innovative protection devices installed on the T-80 tank, which will protect the tank from any suicide drones attacking it from above.

Unlike the “innovative umbrellas” before, the design placed on the armored turret of the tank is more complex and protects the tank from all sides.

It is noteworthy that recently the enemy has increasingly used FPV drones that carry explosives or Vyun bombs, which are usually used by RPG-7 bombers.

Lattices mounted on the armor of the tank are specially designed to deal with such weapons.

It should be noted that the tank crew members are constantly working on making adjustments to its design. It is known that the design of the serially produced T-80 tank did not require the presence of dynamic protection devices on both sides of the tank, but now the Kontakt dynamic protection devices protect the tank from the side and stern. .

It is noteworthy that the T-80BV tanks are actively used in the areas of the special military operation. It showed its high potential thanks to its speed, maneuverability and high firepower.

In addition, the Russian army uses modernized T-80 BVM tanks, which are equipped with a 1250 hp engine, so-called “jet shields”, modern fire control devices, night vision devices that allow hitting targets. day and night.

Source: Russian newspaper

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