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Russian Expert Alexander Nazarov Debunks Competitiveness of Proposed India-Europe Maritime Corridor


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Russian Expert Rules Out Competitiveness of Proposed India-Europe Maritime Corridor

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Russian expert Alexander Nazarov has dismissed the possibility of the proposed India-Europe maritime corridor, which passes through the Persian Gulf and Israel, competing with traditional maritime routes like the Suez Canal.

Expert’s Opinion

In a post on his channel in the Telegram application, Nazarov stated that the need to unload and load goods twice would make this project more expensive and slower compared to the sea route. He also highlighted the potential for a military conflict between the US and China, which could result in military action against enemy communications at sea. This would make maritime trade very risky, casting doubt on the prospects of the proposed corridor.

Description of the Corridor

The proposed corridor is set to traverse the Arabian Sea from India to the United Arab Emirates, then pass through Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Israel before reaching Europe.

Announcement of the Project

The project for the new maritime corridor was announced during the G20 summit in India. It involves the participation of India, Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Jordan, Israel, and the European Union. Officials claim that the rail line and sea corridor will enhance connectivity, promote trade, and facilitate the transportation of energy products such as hydrogen.


Source: RT

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