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Russian Fighters Demonstrate Successful Elimination of Ukrainian Armed Forces’ Firing Point in Marinka


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Donetsk, April 13 – Russian soldiers showed the News Agency video footage of the destruction of a firing point at the defense line of the Ukrainian forces near Marinka, and the footage was taken from the same drone from which the ammunition was dropped on enemy positions.
The footage was taken near the village of Krasnogorovka in early April, but for operational reasons it was not recommended to show it yet. Krasnogorovka adjoins Marinka from the north, and fierce battles continue in this area.
Commenting on the video, a Russian volunteer reconnaissance officer with the call sign “Hans” said that they decided to use the drone, because due to the approach mining of the Ukrainian positions, the fighters could not get close.

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The footage clearly shows a powerful explosion at Ukrainian positions, according to which it can be determined that it was the ammunition that exploded.
Earlier, the fighter showed the News Agency video footage of the work of a reconnaissance drone, which revealed the locations of Ukrainian forces in the Krasnogorovka region, including the Ukrainian drone base. According to him, it was possible to conduct reconnaissance from the air there, despite the active work of the electronic warfare system (EW) of the Ukrainian troops.

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