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Russian planes intercepted by NATO aircraft over the Baltic Sea


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NATO aircraft intercepted Russian fighters and intelligence aircraft over the Baltic Sea amid the ongoing NATO operation over the Baltic Sea on Monday.

The RAF said in a statement: “The Eurofighter Typhoon of the RAF’s 9th (B) Squadron and 71st (Richthofen) Wing of the German Air Force scrambled to intercept and visually identify several unidentified aircraft near NATO airspace. .

The RAF said the two forces are currently operating as part of Operation Azotize to protect the eastern side of NATO’s border.

The UK and German air forces operate Eurofighter Typhoon fighters from Amari Air Base in the Baltic Sea nation of Estonia as a joint force.

An RAF pilot said: “We often see Russian military aircraft flying over the Baltic Sea, and so this has been a routine interception for us. However, the importance of intercepting these aircraft and our commitment to the collective defense of NATO airspace remains unwavering and resolute.” Statement.

In March, British and German fighter jets twice intercepted Russian aircraft near Estonian airspace.

Security in the Baltic states of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, all of which border Russia, has come under increased scrutiny since February 2022, when Russia waged war on neighboring Ukraine.

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