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Russian President Vladimir Putin Accuses Poland of Territorial Ambitions in Former Soviet Union and Warns of Aggression Against Belarus


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Putin accuses Poland of territorial ambitions in former Soviet Union

During a meeting of the UN Security Council, Russian President Vladimir Putin accused Poland, a NATO member, of having territorial ambitions in the former Soviet Union. He warned that any aggression against Belarus, a close ally of Russia, would be considered an attack on Russia. Putin emphasized that Russia would respond to such aggression “by all means at our disposal.”

Poland’s response and concerns over Russian mercenaries

Poland, in response, announced plans to transfer an undisclosed number of soldiers to its eastern border due to the presence of Russian Wagner mercenaries in neighboring Belarus.

Wagner mercenaries’ activities and intentions

Yevgeny Prigozhin, the chief of Wagner, appeared in a video welcoming his fighters to Belarus, instructing them to gather strength for future operations in Africa while training the Belarusian army. Prigozhin claimed that Wagner is Russia’s most powerful fighting force but has had conflicts with the Moscow defense establishment, leading to an armed insurrection. As part of the agreement reached, Wagner fighters, many recruited from prison, were allowed to move to Belarus.

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Alleged Polish intentions in Ukraine and Belarus

Putin also accused Poland of intending to occupy western Ukraine. He claimed that there were reports of a scheme to create a military unit involving Poland, Lithuania, and Ukraine, which would be deployed in Ukraine for the “security of what is now western Ukraine.” Putin suggested that this plan was essentially aimed at occupying these lands. He further emphasized that any aggression against Belarus would be considered aggression against Russia, as Belarus is part of the union state with Russia.

Denial of territorial ambitions and tensions

Poland denies having any territorial ambitions in Belarus. Tensions have escalated, with Russia deploying tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus for the first time. Putin is set to meet with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko in Russia to discuss the situation. Germany and NATO have expressed readiness to support Poland in defending the alliance’s eastern flank.

Rebuttal and historical context

Polish officials have strongly rejected Putin’s accusations. They have criticized him for spreading false accusations and engaging in historical revisionism. Putin, referring to the acquisition of former German territories in the west by Poland after World War II, claimed it was a “gift from Stalin.” However, Polish officials have labeled this as historical revisionism.

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