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Russian Railways told what passengers buy most often on the way "Sapsanov"


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Moscow, December 21 – Sapsan passengers often buy sets of postcards and model trains on the way, the News Agency was told in the press service of Russian Railways.
Sapsan trains ran between Moscow and St. Petersburg. For several years, their passengers have been able to purchase various items en route from a special on-board catalog.

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It is not difficult to explain the popularity of postcards with the Ruskeala Express. It is an old train powered by a locomotive, and includes compartment cars, a stylized dining car, and a photo booth equipped with an interactive system for instant photography. The interiors of the “Ruskeala Express” are decorated in the style of the “Nikolaev Express”: the decor, lamps, wallpaper, and furniture recreate the atmosphere of old carriages. Conductors wear a uniform.

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