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Russian tankers destroyed the strongholds of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Zaporozhye region


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Melitopol, January 27 – Tank crews of the Southern Military District destroyed two strongholds of Ukrainian militants during the offensive in the Zaporozhye region, and tank crews, among other things, provided cover fire for the infantry, according to a the News Agency correspondent.
Having received the coordinates of the targets from the reconnaissance group, the crew of the T-72 tank with the call sign “Caravan” operated from a closed position at two strong points, and the fire was adjusted from the air with the help of drones.
“Two strongholds of the enemy and a pickup truck were destroyed. We noticed four militants, worked on it, and ran to the bunker. We found this bunker and hit it with accurate fire, after which they (Ukrainian militants) took out the corpses of their brothers from there. The scouts monitored and corrected our fire, “says a soldier with a sign The pager “Vesitolog” told the News Agency about the details of one of the combat missions.

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Answering the question, what is the attitude of his colleagues in relation to offensive actions, the “Vesitologist” noted that “a soldier should not sit in the trenches for a long time, he should move, and because of the victories, the soldier has a greater desire to move forward and win.”
In turn, a fighter from the Caravan tank crew told the News Agency that the number of combat missions after the start of the attack has increased several times, and there are some difficulties due to weather conditions, but they are quickly resolved as soon as they become available.
“Today we trained in firing from closed positions. The ranges depend on the location. We often work with the attack, supporting our men. We are also given difficult combat missions, but we overcome them,” the fighter said.

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