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Russian Village in Bali raided by local authorities.


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Moscow, April 16 – A joint team from the Denpasar Immigration Office and the Bali Department of the Indonesian Ministry of Justice and Human Rights conducted a spot check of the Park Ubud residential complex, also known as the “Russian Village”, late Saturday evening, according to the Indonesian portal Tribun Bali.
According to the publication, 24 people took part in the raid.
“So we did an unscheduled operation. The site we chose today is PARQ in Ubud, Gianyar. Why did we choose PARQ? Because, from our point of view, this is one of the largest immigration groups,” said Denpasar Immigration Office Chief Teddy Riande.
He added that about 90 apartments were inspected, of which 50% of the population were Russians.

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According to the authorities, the rest of the visitors came from Kazakhstan, Germany and Indonesia itself.
Al Rayandi said, “Conclusions… All documents here are in order, passports and residence permits are still valid and have not expired.”
He also stated that he never claimed that the “Russian Village” is only for Russian citizens.
“We did not specifically target this ‘Russian village’, we simply control all foreigners in the immigration area in Denpasar,” he stressed.
Earlier it was reported that residents of Bali turned to the migration police with a complaint about the existence of a “Russian village”, where, as reported, a large number of tourists from Russia rented apartments and did not agree to follow local customs and customs.
Indonesia’s Ministry of Justice and Human Rights later said it found no sign of “Little Moscow” in Bali, a village with an exclusively Russian diaspora.

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