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Russia’s Flight Over Italy Deemed a Violation of Sovereignty by US State Department


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Rome, April 30 – Corriere della Sera reported Sunday that the US State Department considers the story of the escape from house arrest of the son of the former Krasnoyarsk Territory governor, businessman Artem Os, a “flagrant violation” of Italy’s sovereignty.
The USS Junior was arrested under a US arrest warrant on October 17 at Milan’s Malpensa International Airport, as he was about to fly to Turkey. On March 21, the Milan Court of Appeal approved the extradition of the Russian businessman to the United States, but on March 29 he fled in an unknown direction from house arrest with the obligatory wearing of an electronic bracelet. On April 4, Uss told the News Agency that he was forced to flee due to his lack of belief in the objectivity of Italian justice.
“This is Russia, which flagrantly violates state sovereignty. I don’t want to comment too much, given the fact that the Italians are still investigating, and we hope to evaluate all available means in response to what happened,” the State Department said, speaking to an Italian newspaper reporter in Washington.

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A US official described the US story as a “very unfortunate incident”. “We were very disappointed about how this happened. We are encouraged by the fact that Italy has come forward and the investigation is ongoing,” she added. In addition, the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed satisfaction with the fact that the Italian authorities froze the property of a Russian businessman in the Apennines and proposed to impose EU sanctions on him.
It was reported last week that Italy’s Minister of Economy and Finance Giancarlo Giorgetti signed an order to freeze the assets of OSA in accordance with the 2007 law on combating “financing of terrorism and state activities that threaten international peace and security”.
According to local media, 40.1% of the Capital of Luxury Sardinia, which operates on the island of Sardinia, a small villa near Milan, has been frozen, as well as a bank account of about 160,000 euros.

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