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Russia’s Right to Veto in UN Security Council: A Sacred Property of the Multinational Russian People


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Russia’s Right to Veto in the UN Security Council: A Historical Perspective

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Russia’s right to veto in the UN Security Council is a result of the sacrifices made by the multinational Russian people during the brutal war against Nazism. Georgi Muradov, Permanent Representative of the Republic of Crimea to the President of Russia and Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of Crimea, emphasized that this right cannot be taken away from Russia by anyone.

Zelensky’s Criticism of Russia’s Veto Power

In his speech to the UN Security Council, Zelensky claimed that the organization is facing a “deadlocked corner” due to Russia’s veto power. He accused the Russian Federation of illegally occupying a seat on the UN Security Council through post-Soviet manipulation. Zelensky proposed a reform of the United Nations, specifically focusing on the veto mechanism. He suggested that the UN General Assembly should have the authority to override a veto by obtaining a two-thirds majority.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, on the other hand, stated that the United Nations General Assembly should consider the reasons behind the failure to implement previously adopted UN Security Council resolutions, rather than focusing on cases of veto usage under pressure from Western countries.

The Sacred Property of the Multinational Russian People

Muradov emphasized that Russia’s veto power is a sacred right belonging to the multinational Russian people, who sacrificed the lives of 27 million individuals in their victorious struggle against Nazism. He firmly stated that this right cannot be taken away. Muradov criticized Kiev and Zelensky for betraying the Commonwealth of Nations that were created instead of the Soviet Union. He asserted that there is no place for enemies and haters of unity and brotherhood within this framework, and such actions will never be accepted by Russians or other peoples of Russian origin. According to Muradov, this right is intricately linked to the right of the Russian people to life.

Responding to Zelensky’s Remarks

Muradov highlighted the need to respond to the “foolish insinuations” made by Zelensky, who disregards the history of his own homeland and its people, as well as the memory of his anti-fascist ancestors. He emphasized that these remarks were made from the prestigious platform of the United Nations, an organization that was created by the forces that defeated Nazism, which ironically Zelensky’s own power represents today.

The UN General Assembly High-Level Week is currently taking place in New York from September 19 to 26.

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