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Rust Update 1.83: Patch Notes, Bug Fixes, and Game Improvements Revealed


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A new update has been released for Rust Update 1.83. You can find out all the details of the Game Update, Bug Fixes, improvements, and Patch Notes below.Rust Update 1.83 is now available for download, for all platforms, including PS4, PS5, Xbox Series S/X, and PC. The file size may vary depending on the platform.


  • Fixed a bug causing players to clip through terrain when sitting in a chair.
  • Fixed a bug caused when pressing Quick Chat quickly after opening an Interactable would make it unusable.
  • Player’s bodies no longer clip through objects making it impossible to loot.
  • Fixed a bug causing FPS to drop when shooting from a multiple Grenade Launcher.
  • Pressing Sort while in Locked Crate Inventory no longer kicks players out of the game.
  • Players are no longer able to kill other players who are sleeping inside a Safe Zone.
  • Fixed a bug causing FPS drops when tossing water out of a Water Jug, Bucket, or Bottle.
  • Fixed a bug causing dead player models to T-pose.
  • Junkpile Scientists no longer spawn floating above junkpiles.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a softlock when in the map if you spam Kill & Respawn fast enough.
  • Scientists’ Flashlights now switch on when night falls.
  • Incendiary Rockets now match the Steam Version.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Rowboats to be launched too high when detonated using explosives.
  • Barrels no longer produce small white hit markers when attacked with a melee weapon.
  • Half walls no longer go invisible when upgraded from Twig to Wood.
  • The Player’s head rotation is now correct when using a Computer Station.
  • Fixed a bug preventing Horses from being able to Gallop or Auto-Canter.
  • Horse Equipment can no longer be stacked by spamming the ‘Wear’ button.
  • Horses no longer go through cliffs at full speed after player dismounts.
  • Players head in third person no longer erratically snaps when looking downwards whilst on horseback.
  • Players no longer get kicked when dropping Horse armor from inventory/crates.
  • Reloading animation for other players now visible.
  • Sleeping player models now can visually be seen sleeping.
  • Fixed a bug causing players to be unable to pass through openable doors.
  • Supply Drop beacon is now visible whilst airborne.
  • Wire/Hose can now be attached to the Fluid Pump/Electrical Branch.
  • POV is no longer occasionally underground when spawning in before waking up.


  • The Launch Site ramp now has the correct collision.
  • Fixed a gap in the area below the rocket crane in the Launch Site.
  • Fixed crouching inconsistencies when trying to leave a certain vent on the Launch Site.
  • Lights in watchtowers of the Airfield now have correct brightness.
  • Players now get dragged along by the Cargo Ship properly.
  • Scientist body bags spawn properly after Cargo Ship despawns.
  • Airfield desk now has the correct rotation.
  • Fixed a small gap at Train Yard that players could look and shoot through.
  • Fixed a bug where Watchtower bandits stop shooting when a player stands in a specific corner.
  • Workbench in Bandit Camp no longer has candles that clip.
  • Bandit Camp boat doors now match Steam.
  • Bandits at Bandit Camp no longer miss shots when a player is standing close to them.
  • Fixed the Small Water Catcher at Outpost.
  • Outpost lights now produce the correct amount of light.
  • Quarry and Pump Jack belt no longer stops abruptly.
  • Oil Rig Scientists’ flashlights no longer shine through walls.


  • Fixed a bug causing Junkpile Scientists to no longer patrol pre/post combat engagement.
  • Rowboats can now be flipped back to their original position easily if they are upside down.
  • Red X on trees no longer move as sporadically.
  • Red X on Palm Tree is easier to hit.
  • Fixed a bug causing animals to be inside buildings and running through closed doors.
  • Players are now able to accept Dive Master Mission in the Large Fishing VIllage.
  • Caves/Underground lighting has now been scaled back during parts of the day.
  • Oxygen levels no longer show when a player exits the water while wearing a Diving Tank.
  • Fixed horse eating animation.
  • Fixed gaps in Stone walled bases.
  • Terrain grass now spawns on steep cliffs.
  • Adjusted the Hostile Timer radius around the Safe Zones to a reasonable size.
  • Fixed shadows on Ceiling, Flasher and Siren Lights.
  • Bullet holes no longer glow when shooting at Boars.
  • Projectiles no longer fly through the Metal Shop Front.
  • Players can no longer glitch into concrete supports of the electrical pylons.
  • Bullets no longer pass through the Recycler room window.
  • The Small Shark model is now the correct size.
  • Players’ skin color is no longer mis-matched between first person view and in-menu.
  • Fixed Horse eating animation.
  • Fixed FPS issue when in Forest biome during the day.


  • Ceiling Light can now be repaired with the Hammer.
  • Changed crafting recipe for Stone Spear and Hide Poncho to match Steam.
  • Deployable Garage Doors now match Seam and no longer degrade in durability.
  • Tool Cupboards upkeep cost now matches Steam.
  • Harpoon model no longer missing when reloading Speargun.
  • Kayak can now be deployed.
  • Chainsaw activation now has a higher success rate.
  • Vending Machine now shows the cost of items.
  • Skinned/default Satchel Charges can no longer be stacked when merging in the world.
  • Fixed visual issue with the Thompson causing an artefact to be seen for a brief moment when reloading.
  • Pressure Pads can no longer be stacked up to 3 times.
  • Key Lock can no longer create keys when it is locked.
  • Fixed Assault Rifle recoil when Muzzle Break and Silencer are attached.


  • Adjusting audio sliders now affect in-game Audio.
  • Fixed various audio bugs.
  • Fixed Horseback SFX.
  • Filling up a Water Jug now stops the SFX when full.


  • Various UI fixes.
  • Fixed a bug causing a softlock when dropping/unequipping Horse Saddlebags when the cursor is in the storage area.
  • Spam cancelling the “Trying to Connect” pop up no longer breaks Main Menu input.
  • Players no longer get the yellow error text when dismounting an impaled Horse.
  • Sleeping bag timer now updates in real-time on the Map.
  • “Killed By” now shows correct information in Death Panel UI.
  • Fixed issues with Crafting menus.
  • Bait values for food items are now shown in game.
  • “Tacklebox” from the Fisherman mission ‘Tackle The Day’ is spawned at the correct location.
  • Tech Tree in the Work Bench now shows correct stats.
  • Fixed a bug causing Stats shown in the crafting menu to not update properly when changing to a different item.
  • Controller layout page in Settings now longer has a missing background overlay.
  • Fixed Horse iconography when changing seats/Auto-moving.
  • Tool secondary button no longer turns off Gallop Stance.
  • Passengers on Double Saddle can no longer toggle Gallop UI icon.
  • Harvest text no longer flickers when the player is healing.
  • Hostile Timer and icon are no longer visible when HUD is off.
  • Fixed a bug causing UI to overlap when adjusting weapon attachments.
  • Melee Weapons and Tools now display stats in Tech Tree UI.
  • Hostile Timer no longer missing.


  • Fixed a hang which could occur if you are holding a deployable and looking at a water purifier.
  • Fixed a null reference check on motor boats fuel.
  • Fixed a possible crash in a rare biome.
  • Various graphical fixes for visuals, textures, and rendering in game.
  • Trophy/Achievement adjustments.
  • Setting skips in the options menu now update accordingly to its dependent setting.
  • Fixed multiple visual issues causing items/places to become invisible.
  • Fixed various collision issues.
  • Fixed various bugs causing servers to freeze.
  • FPS fixes in Skin Store.
  • Boost Multiplier remains when default settings are applied.

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