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Saudi Arabia Acquires Thousands of NVIDIA Chips to Accelerate AI Software Development


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Saudi Arabia Purchases Thousands of NVIDIA Chips to Accelerate AI Software Development


Saudi Arabia has recently acquired numerous high-performance chips from NVIDIA for $40,000 each. The purpose behind this purchase is to expedite the development of artificial intelligence (AI) software within the country.

NVIDIA Chip Purchase by Saudi Arabia

The Financial Times has reported that Saudi Arabia has procured a minimum of 3,000 H100 chips from NVIDIA, each priced at $40,000. Additionally, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has expressed interest in obtaining a new batch of semiconductors to launch its own large-scale language model.

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Increasing Demand for NVIDIA Chips

Joining the ranks of other prominent competitors like Elon Musk and China, both Saudi Arabia and the UAE are seeking to expand their AI capabilities by acquiring more NVIDIA chips. These chips are highly sought after to fuel the growing AI revolution in the market.

Saudi Arabia’s AI Ambitions

The newspaper highlights Saudi Arabia’s aspiration to become a significant player in the field of artificial intelligence. By acquiring thousands of graphics processing units (GPUs) from NVIDIA, the country aims to leverage these essential components to drive the ongoing AI boom.

Source: Grazhdanin newspaper.

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