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Saudi Arabia and Egypt decide on Egyptian workers


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Egypt and Saudi Arabia have agreed to improve the working conditions of Egyptian workers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and both sides have decided to open an Egyptian-Saudi Migration and Job Center soon.

Egyptian Immigration Minister Suha Gendi discussed with the Saudi Labor Attaché in Cairo, Faisal Al-Otaibi, the implementation of what was agreed during her visit during her visit during the visit of the Minister of Human Resources and Social Development, Ahmed bin Suleiman Al-Raji, regarding the conditions Egyptians living in the Kingdom and overcoming any problems they face.

For his part, Faisal al-Otaibi, Saudi Labor Attaché in Cairo, indicated that the meeting was taking place as a follow-up to proposals agreed in Riyadh between the two ministers to strengthen relations between the two countries, emphasizing the importance of focusing on the quality of migrant workers in light of a new strategy for the Kingdom of Skilled Workers, which will double the number of foreign workers in the Kingdom to serve the next generation projects that are planned in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which aims to ensure that Egypt, with its outstanding human resources, has a large place in its new labor market.

During the meeting, the Minister of Immigration also touched upon the possibility of establishing an Egyptian-Saudi Center for Migration, Employment and Reintegration, similar to the Egyptian-German Center under the Ministry of Immigration, to pre-travel and train workers. for all the necessary skills to provide delegations of trained and equipped workers to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to achieve the Egyptian sustainable development goals and the goals of the Saudi Arabia strategy until 2030.

Source: Cairo 24

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