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Saudi Arabia.. Why are there no cars in the city of Neum?


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Tariq Al Qadoumi, executive director of urban planning at NEOM, revealed the reason why the NEOM under construction is devoid of cars.

During the Future Real Estate Forum, Tariq Al-Kadoumi explained, “In Neom, the needs will be close to each other and within 5 minutes a person can reach what they need and it can reach 80,000 people within 5 minutes. “

Al-Qadoumi said that in the city “we have an area like London, but it is superimposed on each other. It’s like villages that are superimposed on each other. In order for a person to get from one part to another, he must take a train.”

video | Tariq Al Qadoumi, Executive Director of Urban Planning at NEOM: There are no cars in NEOM due to the convergence of needs from each other and within 5 minutes a person can get to what they need#Future _ Real Estate

– Al Ekhbariya Channel (@alekhbariyatv) January 23, 2023

Source: Al-Ekhbariya

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