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Saudi Federation’s Persecution of Messi and Benzema Halted by FIFA’s Surprising Move


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The International Federation of Football Associations FIFA has taken the decision to strip the Saudi Federation of contracts for two periods from the transfer market in a final decision that cannot be appealed due to the accumulation of external cases against it.

Lawyer Ahmed Al-Sheikh confirmed that the International Court of Cass ruled on Thursday in favor of Serbian Aleksandar Prijovic, the captain’s former player, and ordered Al-Ittihad to pay the player 40 million rials in addition to 166,000 rials. repeat monthly until the fine amount is paid.


– In the most notorious case… CAS ruled in favor of Prigović v. #Union The club was ordered to pay 40 million, in addition to 166 thousand monthly payments.

Official: Club will not be registered for the summer season unless it is settled

– The positive part of the club and its lawyer at the end of the video

Good luck

– Ahmed Al-Sheikh – Ahmed Alshihi (@ahmed9639) March 30, 2023

Al-Sheikhi explained that under this fine, the “brigadier general” is prohibited from entering into a contract next summer, but on a temporary basis, until the Serb is paid in full.

However, despite the shock of this punishment, Al-Sheikhy confirmed that FIFA had waived two fines from the federation in recent days, resulting in him being stripped of contracts last winter, explaining that three more fines were expected to be lifted. is removed from him over the next five days, so that he becomes without any unfinished business.

It is noteworthy that last winter the “Brigadier General” was denied contracts, except for external affairs, by the decision of the Professional Committee of the Saudi Arabian Football Association as a punishment in the case of player Abdul Razzak Hamdallah and the Al-Nasr club.

And press reports confirm that the “general” is looking to close more than one international deal over the coming summer, like Frenchman Karim Benzema, the Real Madrid star, and Argentinean Lionel Messi, the current Paris Saint-Germain striker.

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