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Saudi Finance Minister: Removing Obstacles to Diversifying Investments with Iran


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Saudi Finance Minister Muhammad Al-Jadaan said the Kingdom is committed to the principles of the agreement to restore relations with Iran, which requires adherence to the charters and agreements of the United Nations and the sovereign principles of each country.

He indicated that Saudi Arabia seeks to stabilize the region by improving relations with Iran as a neighboring state, noting that there are no obstacles to normalize relations and diversify investment opportunities between the two sides.

Al-Jadaan added during the events of the International Conference on the Financial Sector that social media platforms play a very important role and we should be well present.

With regard to the operation of the banking system and the global financial sector, Al-Jadaan emphasized the need to accelerate the necessary restructuring of the global financial sector.

And Saudi Arabia and Iran have previously announced that they have reached an agreement to restore relations broken more than 7 years ago between the two countries, mediated by China, on the condition that the embassies in the two countries will be reopened within a maximum of two months. .

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